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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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cultures but we also need the space so our children can learn as required by law now, some of my colleagues will explain the other reaps we're here reasons we're here. >> .
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> good evening my name is christen we would to focus on the following important points which the district should promote for the whole community assess and liability by sharing the building with another school the making teachers don't have a place to test and the students with academic sdaublts have a suitable place for instructions students are being taught in the hallways and in the elevator and not only are our children's distracted and embarrassed but
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it costs them to fall behind in their academics performances our students don't have equal access to education by the promotion of the new standards in california and its out of compliance with the law we know that to have a well-rounded education our children need resources like a school library currently, we don't have a library because the library is being used as a classroom the teachers lunchroom is small it is used to store library books and the children's are deprived the experience of being in a library an experience that is new to them this is a service it doesn't exist in our country's that is one more thing to adapt there is no adequate space for
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having diddles or family counseling we're seen by curiously in the hallways or in offices where people can hear your confidential problems we can't express ourself freely we know that the schools are offices for those purposes
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> good evening my name is
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sarah another concern we have as parents and as far as the latino community is many newcomers like our children have been assigned to other schools with bilingual or admission programs no making we believe those children also deserve the education our children are getting with teachers that have specialized knowledge and experience teaching newcomers in a place we feel understood and assured our needs are being met we believe that because there is already a unique place in the school district it makes sense that all newcomers should be met where they can benefit
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academically and emotionally and more likely to succeed in addition he understand the district intends to hire a new social worker to help the families that go to other schools this didn't seem rights the worker could be doing her job better if we have the resources and available space another reason we want to you to give us a space is to have weekly meetings at met we have different kind of meetings support groups and parent education classes and county organizations like to give us information and educate us on the different educational and community documents but no where
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to meet one organization the good samaritans want to give us this but because of the scheduling conflict and the lack of space we can't benefit from those important services which would help us be better parents.
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> good evening my name is rebecca we ask the school district to consider the needs of making students we feel that our reasonable requests that will not impede the social justice and equality throughout the district we only want our children to benefit if the same opportunities of the children in the district have we ask you to grant us the space we
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spelling need for the children to overcome the traumas they've experienced in they're short lives like being the first one up on the site of their dismetabolized fathers or uncles and storm by members with guns our children have lived through kiding and physical separation for 10 years and on top of their arrive here and feel humiliated for not knowing the language i tell you there's been instance in which other children's have made our children's feel bad for example, children if another school working in the halfway
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and looking at our students from fifth grade working at the kindergarten level or maybe fifth grade their reaction is normal it's a big surprises looking at the rather older children but make our students feel bad and sad. >> good evening, everybody.
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> please help my children before it's too late thank you. >> ghg i'm carla give us the chance to know our children and new families before it is too late and we can't do anything we're asking you to give us the space necessary for the making teachers and the staff to deal with the emotional challenges we're facing if the children get the services the district can
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prevent problems in the fire chief we ask you to make a justify decision this is to respect the rights of the newcomers finally we ask you to put user in our position and understand we're advocating for our children's and those who will colony the future we believe in the educational system of the united states and we believe that you are reasonable people with good judgment please allow the program at making to allow the support for the newly arrived children who come to this country that is full of opportunity we hope our children can enjoy the equality afforded to other children in the district please help my children now before it is too late. >> thank you very much superintendent did you want to
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mention something to the parents? >> (speaking spanish.) >> at the time two minutes. >> (speaking spanish.) >> your name, please. >> i'm all matters listed under the consent agenda are considered by the board i can't a teacher at the fairmont and listening to the stories. >> i'm fine i think i did listening to the stories of our previous parents
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that are considered for their children i as a teacher in the classroom have its from el sad with no hearing all of a sudden i have to lower than sign language until he's transferred to the right plays i have chern who have witnessed gunshots and i along with the parents i'm asking the skbt to invest in our teachers and know that teachers with are the front line and the again communication between parents and school and school board and are the ones who are doing the work to make our classrooms a safe particulars for the students and a place where children can access
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they're learning kwaebtly and learn about other cultures i'll hear to ask the school board to support and invest in the teachers and to please finish the negotiations with the contract we're fearful of our future in our district and we're fearful of strict we don't want a strike are you we're negotiating in good faith we deserve a raise we've not had a raise for many years we're the first one to have furlough days and agreed to furlough days and agree to not a raise die to economic crisis we've suffered together and now time to strengthen our classrooms and strengthen your teachers from within the classrooms i want to
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invite everybody here to extend spend a day with me in my classrooms to love what i do i love what i do it's the only reason i'm a teacher i'm asking for a living wage not asking to be a wealthy person that's not why i went duo both teaching i love it it and i want to make a difference in the community and it's difficult a difficult time for us as community and teachers and personally for me to stay in san francisco it's going to be hard i'd like to live my dreams i dream to be here and to live the american dream that most of the students are also hopefully 33 they can have you have the
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opportunity to help create a more just district with equality and to support of the teachers that do the hard work that you asked us to do day to day thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi my name is christen from the san francisco community school i am a special education paraprofessional doing that for 2 years now and i love my job i love my students and love working in this city and i'm afraid that i won't be able to afford to continue to do this job much longer because my mostly rent is more than one paycheck and this lifestyle is
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urban sustainable for me it's my understanding that parents have not received a raise in over 6 years and no monkey full offer to gain more offers or full-time positions and as special ed paraprofessional i work with the most vulnerable population and they need sablt in their lives and i am there to build relationships with them and i don't want to leave them hanging it impedes their education when they have people coming in and out of their lives and don't think that people care if we don't stay for them and if they don't believe we care then they don't care about themselves
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i - if parents are not offered higher wages or full-time positions the cycle of people coming in and out of the lives continue i hope we can end the cycle and if you want to support the education of the most vulnerable population i hope you support the teachers and parents that serve >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping) two minutes thank you. >> good evening. i'm aaron hall a classroom teacher my 10th year in the classroom and like my colleagues i'm an incredibly proud of the work that i do that i get to do i don't feel like a martyr like i'm going in and
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working with kids and public school kids and that's my dream it's a dream come true but again like my colleagues, i implore the boards and everybody that is participating in the negotiation process to have a speedy negotiation to make our lives sustainable when i got into teaching i was able to do home visits we did barbecues on the weekend in the fillmore and down in the bay area and the mission and literacy nights more than half of my colleagues at my school don't live in san francisco i'm the late i feel i have a kid 2 years old i feel because i've made the choice it is now completely unsustainable to live here the housing we live
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in a one bedroom my wife and i and my child that's more than when i lived in a studio but i got any education and i pushed hard to become a professional but now i feel also that because i came 20 years or thirty years two lastly the last of my colleagues with the meager sailors were near the cost of living without a big bump to support us i'm going to have to move i'll have to jump across the bay like all my colleagues, i implore you guys please, please help us out and continue to do the long nights and weekends the things we've been
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doing. >> thank you very much. next speaker. and happy birthday to your mother. >> good evening mr. superintendent and members of the board i'm robert smith i've been and other people a paraprofessional teacher at the high school in my 16th year a san francisco resident for slithering over 27 years i love my job i love the kids that i serve and love the city where i live and unlike some of the colleagues spoken i don't have is prepared statement i have just rurnd from colorado where my father has died and came here together despite personal turmoil in my family it's important i stand before you and reiterate much of what
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other people have said my rent is more than one paycheck as well i also have sincere balance pullcy that prevents me from driving i couldn't commute receiving and keep the job and continue to serve the children that don't think on me and whom i also love although i don't tell them that but the feeling i'm getting at washington is we are scared and don't want to strike people are feeling they have to the office in the district are insulting and we don't want the strike but if we have to stand you up for a living wage to stay in the city we love and serve the children we love we have to we are not
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people living well and asking for an opportunity to live a little bit better through god knows we deserve it all we're trying to do is being able to make ends meet to stay thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm diana going messes i've been teaching for many, many years i'm on step 29 i just looked at my pay check i got any step 29 and looked at the net amount it was lower than step 28 for reasons i'm not quite sure of i'll have to look at that the steps are not raises their supposed to be cost of living increment we're not getting raises for the last 6 to 8 years we've had a raise a cut
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in pay because of furloughs we're here for the people of san francisco we are there for the children and we need to we see the respect for what we do this is ridiculous that you're having people coming to to microphone sobbing you should be sobbing in thanks for what we do i'm angry about it because of the many, many, many years i've put into teaching yesterday was a holiday and i put my key in the lock of the presidio middle school to work to prepare for this next week week i was there from 2 o'clock until 6:00 p.m. i was not the only teacher i don't go home tonight was the earlier i
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left i don't go home until 6:30 or 8:30 or 9 and i'm there at 8:30 in the morning tlits there's never been a time when i'm the last one out the door and i'm very late during the summer i'm in my classroom working and preparing all summer long for the children our children when this district didn't have enough money i took pay cuts for my colleagues that were younger didn't have to lose their job i have colleagues at presidio's who's children are unheath children getting free health care for their children and we're professionals the people that know how to take care of children i'm not


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